How to Undelete a Partition with Paragon

So you just accidentally deleted a partition and you just realized it had a bitcoin wallet on it

You might find yourself screaming internally or externally

STOP, don’t panic. It can be fixed.

Today I’m going to show you how undelete a partition using Paragon Hard Disk Manager.


So here we have a list of hard drives and one of them is currently listed as unallocated.
This means the hard drive is online and initialized with a MBR (Master Boot Record) and GPT (GUID Partition Table) but there are no available partitions.

We suspect there are one or more partitions but that they were just deleted. Deleting a partition doesn’t destroy it, it just marks it as deleted.

We’ll cover how to securely delete the contents of a hard drive in another video.

To get started we right click and choose the undelete partitions option. Then click next.

You will now see a few different options for quick, conventional, and thorough search.

Thorough search is more commonly used for on a hard drive that may be failing and has lost it’s partitions or the partition has become corrupted in some manner. This will take a very long time to complete.

Conventional search is for searching in a linear manner for any partitions and this will cover the whole hard drive. This type of search is fairly slow and takes longer on large hard drives.

Quick search is your best option for any modern hard drive. It looks at specific locations on the hard drive where partition information is typically stored.


Now expand the file system search options and select the type of file system we are looking for.

If you select All known file system types it will take much longer to search.

As you can see, it identified our missing partition almost instantly because we selected the right options.

We can now stop the search if we are satisfied with the results, which in this case we are.

Click next and then check off the partition you wish to undelete. Then click next again.

Please note the warning that the changes have not yet been applied.

You must click the apply button on the upper left corner to proceed with undeleting your partition.

Once the operation is complete you will see your drive partition show up on the list of hard drives.

You may need to assign a drive letter to the drive after undeleting the partition.

This option is available in the right click menu. Be sure to click apply again to complete assigning the drive letter.

Once the drive letter is assigned you will be able to access the drive in Windows.

You can see this is an external drive from Seagate with some of the default files that it comes with.


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